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Wood Structures

The mere look of wood adds warmth to a landscape. Wooden structures automatically make any garden look more sophisticated, more natural, and classier. Even better, they don’t just add style. They are there to add living spaces and add more fun functions around the landscape.

Wood Structures

Choosing, designing, building, and installing such structures can be a real challenge, though. At Curb Appeal Landscaping, LLC we can do these things for you. With us, no more worries and stresses - only added “curb appeal” to your landscape.

Below are some of the wooden structures we have built in Virginia and can definitely add to your own backyard:

Fences and Gates

These may be the most common landscape structures made out of wood. But our designs are more than just common. We have built extraordinarily looking fences and gates in Gainesville and nearby areas. These don’t just mark properties or keep you safe. These are among the things obviously noticeable in the eyes of a stranger or guest, so they must be designed in a way to complement your style and existing architectural design of your home.


Whether attached to a house or built separately, decks still have to be made out of strong wood. The feel of the sea, summer, and shades will never be complete without wood.

Pergolas and Arbors

Wood Structures

Originally, pergolas (also called “arbors”) were built to support vine plants, especially grapes. Today, they’re built primarily to add a stylish covered walkway. Climbing plants, like roses or bougainvillea, may be added only if a pergola is wood made. It will be a dramatic experience every time one enters or exits through this classy walkway.


These are wooden panels with latticework style, usually added to a garden to support vines. They are very much like pergolas. The difference is trellises are panels. They can be added against a wall or, better yet, as an elegant division among different landscaped areas.


The hexagon-shaped outdoor living space called “gazebo” is pretty common in Virginia. Why not? It is designed to provide a perfect 360-degree view of the area. It can be a simple outdoor living room, kitchen, or dining area. It can even be an outdoor bed. But don’t forget, it is there for a flawless enjoyment of a view.

Wooden Benches

Wood Structures

Wooden benches add drama, especially if added beneath a tree, taking advantage of those lovely shades. Even if placed nearby bushes and alone on the grass, benches still add drama. They say, in a subtle way, “Come and take a short or long rest.”


Think of patios made specifically for a tropical climate. That is lanai. And since Hawaiian style, Lanai demands wood - from the flooring to the column to the roofing.


Wood is cool. When it gets warm, it doesn’t get too hot like wrought iron and other materials. So for planters, nothing should be used but wood only. Planters can be elegant wooden structures by designing and building them with extraordinary look. Best of all, wood complements any plant.

Experts in Woodwork Projects

Anyone with woodworking background can drop by and tell he or she can design and build wooden structures for you. But we are different. We create stunning designs and build them with integrity.

With premium wood, premium tools, and experienced team, expect to get nothing less than premium wooden structures for your landscape.

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