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Water Features

Water Features

Real estate agents, homeowners, and commercial property owners agree that water features markedly increase the curb appeal of any Virginia landscape. More than that is the fact that these landscape additions provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere that has been found to be beneficial to one’s health and well-being. They also offer unlimited possibilities. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the size of your area and the type of water feature you have in mind.

Types of Water Features

Curb Appeal Landscaping, LLC can give you awesome water features, such as:

  • Bird baths. How would you like to hear sweet melodies from the birds that sing their gratitude to you for providing them with a nice place, where they can refresh and preen themselves? Sans the birds, bird baths are lovely landscape additions that can blend with all the other elements in your property.

  • Water Features Fountains. We can install both spouting and cascading fountains. The spouting fountain is made by drilling a hole into a statue, mask, or painting, where a spout is inserted to dispense water downward; while the second one acts like a geyser, which sends water upwards.

  • Waterfall. What can be more mesmerizing than the cascading movement of a waterfall? It can be placed indoors or outdoors as wall or fence attachments or stand-alone type, depending on your needs and desires.

  • Ponds. Ponds can be customized according to the size of your area. Their tranquil waters can facilitate meditation and clear the cobwebs off your mind. A waterfall can also be installed to enable it to support aquatic life on its own.

  • Pools. Small or big, pools are the perfect areas, where a family can do fun activities together. Swimming in pools has also been found to increase blood circulation and promote heart and lung health as well.

  • Artificial streams. These are the water features to have if you really want to make a big statement. Man-made they may be, but they can support aquatic life as much as its natural counterpart.

How We Do It

Water Features

We believe that careful planning is the key to a beautiful, durable, and functional water feature, whatever type it may be. As soon as you call us, we will survey your area and make recommendations based on the size of your landscape, the quality of your soil, and the type of feature you wish to have installed.

We choose our materials well - stones, filters, rotors, pipes, pumps - to ensure that your water features work as they should. Rest assured that we only get our supplies from reputable suppliers, so you have a wide range of materials and accessories to choose from.

What We Can Do for You

We know that we can make your Gainesville home or other properties in Virginia stand out from the rest by installing stunning features that will make you proud the moment you lay your eyes on them. Our team of experts has undergone all kinds of training and is well-experienced in installing water features of all shapes and sizes.

Call us now and experience the many benefits of having water features in and out of your home.

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