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Hardscapes provide balance in a landscape, which is usually dominated by plants. These are the inanimate elements built mostly out of masonry materials. Hardscaping is a form of art that needs logical planning and careful design. We can’t just add a driveway or put up a gazebo somewhere. With our team, every hardscape element is placed strategically and designed passionately.

Enhance Privacy

Privacy can be enhanced with hardscaping. Think about the fence that secludes your yard from the neighborhood. It gives a little of your home, while hiding away some. Don’t forget the walls of living spaces. Those provide even more privacy for a worry-free outdoor entertainment.

Create Boundaries


Fences create boundaries, so as other hardscape elements like walls. They mark the separation of one area from another. Retaining walls play a very special role. They create territorial boundaries in a way that improves the usefulness of the entire land. By having them, you can have layers of plant boxes or have boundaries for leveling outdoor spaces. Other hardscaping elements, like stairs and steps, break the monotony of an area, making them seem like creating boundaries.

Level the Ground

Your home shouldn’t be a place for an off-road adventure. Driving around the yard must be a luxurious experience. And that is possible by leveling the ground with driveways. Driveways shouldn’t only be smooth for tires. They need to be sleek as well, because they are too big to be ignored. Their looks affect the overall aesthetic value of your property. Besides driveways, other elements for leveling the ground are stepping stones, walkways, and decks.

Provide Shelter


Hardscaping can extend the usefulness of your outdoors by providing shelter. Our team can design and build outdoor living spaces for you - be it an elegant patio or a rustic deck. We can even add gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and other similarly comfortable and useful spaces for your yard.

Reduce Lawn

Everyone is aware that lawn is high-maintenance. It needs a lot of water and requires regular mowing and fertilizing. In short, it needs a lot of work and money. With hardscaping, you can convert part of lawn into a more useful space. For example, slate can be added to the ground to serve as a walkway. The effect will be stunning. The mere addition of other hardscape elements also reduces the need for lawn maintenance. This reduction gives an effect that’s more beautiful than just covering the soil up with greens.

Hardscaping and More


Hardscaping improves the usefulness and aesthetics of an entire landscaped area, thus increasing your property’s market value in the end.

Curb Appeal Landscaping, LLC, can also add more elements, like fountains, ponds, and benches to your yard. Besides hardscapes, we also install softscapes. In fact, we offer all the services you’ll ever need for complete landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

The edge of our company is that we are experienced in providing landscaping services in Gainesville and nearby Virginia areas. We are familiar with the region’s topography and latest landscaping trend. Better contact us right now, and let’s talk about improving your outdoor living with hardscaping.

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