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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

A well maintained property absolutely says a lot of things about its owner. For one, it means that the owner cares about the property enough to exert time, effort, and money just to keep the property looking spic and span. And here at Curb Appeal Landscaping, LLC, we can help you achieve an immaculate property with our comprehensive grounds maintenance services. Call us today for more details.

Grounds Maintenance by Professionals

Our grounds maintenance package involves caring for the whole property, whether it’s a residential or a commercial property. These are the services that our clients may avail:

  • Spring and fall clean-ups. No one wants to see a property littered with dried leaves, and surely, you’re not an exception. Our company handles spring and fall clean-ups to rid your lawn and yard of debris, dried leaves and twigs, and other waste that have accumulated.
  • Shrub and tree pruning. It’s important to ensure that your trees and shrubs are always trimmed and pruned to avoid any accident in case of heavy rain or snow.
  • Lawn Mowing. Regularly mowing your lawn will help beautify your property by keeping your turf in its proper height. We can work on large residential or commercial areas with our heavy duty mowers, aside from handling mowing requirements of small residential lawns.
  • Fertilizing and weed control programs. Keeping your greenery healthy also depends on how well you keep your plants and trees nourished and freed of destructive weed. Fortunately, we offer weed control solution that will effectively wipe out all species of weed to ensure that your plants will not be devoid of proper nutrition. We also fertilize greenery using organic fertilizers that are environmentally friendly.
  • Leaf Removal. Leaves are always a problem during the fall time and we know how to take care of them. During the fall season we will get rid off the leaves by collecting them and get them out of site, blow them into the woods to be recycle as part of the nature, or mulched into the turf which will decomposed and help the soil to create a better profile for the coming season.
  • Seasonal Flower Rotation. Flowers are part of the landscape; they bring the eyes to the center of attention and give a colorful and vibrant look to you property. Summer and fall are the most important season for flowers to be part of the landscape and we will make sure they are stunning.
  • Irrigation maintenance (repairs and new install). Part of ensuring the health of plants, crops, shrubs, and trees is a working irrigation system. With our comprehensive grounds maintenance services, we can efficiently maintain irrigation system for both commercial and residential properties.
  • Grounds Maintenance Snow plowing services. No one will find a property appealing when it is almost covered in snow. Our company offers expert snow plowing and removal services to effectively clear your property of snow piles and build-ups. We can use salt and other de-icing solutions aside from our heavy duty snow plows, throwers, and other snow removal equipment.
  • Maintenance of water features. We can ensure that you’ll continue enjoying beautiful and functional waterfalls, koi ponds, pools, and other water features. We can schedule periodic check-up and maintenance procedures on your water features to ensure that any issue is addressed on time.

Aside from these grounds maintenance services, we also handle taking care of the plants by replacing withered plants, installing new plants or sod, and putting colorful mulches to your greenery. If you have a specific lawn care needs not mentioned, just tell us and we just might help you.

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For any of your grounds maintenance concerns, please feel free to contact us today. Call us on our customer service hotline so we can personally discuss how we can help you maintain a great looking property.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in VA:

  • Centreville, VA
  • Clifton, VA
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  • Fairfax Station, VA
  • Burke, VA
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  • Piedmont, VA
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